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Monday, May 16, 2016

Econfina Creek, May 13, 2016

Breakfast at the Days Inn, Marianna, Florida.
Long time Tale Gators may recall that I used to contribute to a site, the Green Wave Forum.  I left a few years ago over creative differences.  The one good thing about the site was getting to know Frances Stone.  When she heard I was coming to her neck of the woods, she offered, unsolicited by me, to shuttle me from the takeout back to the launch site at the Highway 20 Bridge on Ecofina Creek.

As, if not more important than the shuttle, was her steady hand on the kayak as I got in from the relatively high dock.

Headed down Ecofina Creek

Private property abutting a spring. So, I did not swim.

Did take a few pics holding the camera underwater.  Do not recall which spring, or springs, they are from.

 Seeing where a little spring run went to


 Nice place to set a spell

 High banks and magnolias

 The take out
 Mobile Bay
Mobile Bay Tunnel


 Mileage from Marianna to Kenner, LA
Mileage from Orlando

 Canal at the condo where I stayed with brother, Pat, and niece, Megan.

To The French Quarter and the Second line    The first line is the band, the second, the revelers, in this case, the wedding party, family, relatives, and friends.  I am a relative.  My cousin's daughter was getting married.  I left the camera on as I walked.  Accidently, but it brings the sounds, if not the scene.

 Hotel Montelone is where a lot of folks stayed.  I thought it was the end of our parade. It was not, we kept going, to the cheers of onlookers.

 Uncle of the bride
 At the Carousel Bar in the Hotel Montelone

Saturday morning at City Park

Coffee and beginets at the Morning Call, in the Park

While this weekend was all about Courtney, below is where Ashley would be married in September

City Park is huge will all kinds of interesting features

I do not recall if kayaks were also available .

Quite the sculpture garden

 The final sculpture is from the car.  A stag at the cemetery pictured earlier

 These views are either from my cousin's condo, or a restaurant in the same building.

 Lake Ponchintrain across a levee
 From the restaurant

 Looks like black bean soup
 I forget what this is called. My cousin said they take the ends and trimmings from a roast, put it in a sauce.  Delicious.  And very messy.

 Father of the bride
Aunt Radi and Uncle Fred, grandparents of the bride, have always had a pair of schnauzers.  Looks like daughter has done them one better.  With my niece.

On to the wedding

Reception at the Southern Yacht Club crazy kids ;)

sparkler aisle

It was quite the event.  To be expected in the Big Easy with a last name of, Bourdeaux

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