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Monday, May 16, 2016

Holmes Creek

Note- There is an 11 minute musical link at the tale of this Tale.  I advise clicking it now, and listen as you view this Panhandle paddle.

  I asked Tom where to paddle in the Florida Panhandle.  He suggested Holmes Creek.  I located it on the Florida Greenways and Trails website, and chose a launch site that looked to be near several springs.

On Holmes Creek

 Not far from the launch, the Creek split.  Into an area that looked like it had a spring or two.

 It was short, I headed back to the main branch of Holmes Creek

Another spring run

 Which led to a beautiful spring

But crowded, so I left

Cotton Landing, which as of this writing (1-25-16) is closed for renovations.

Back to the spring I saw earlier.  Asked some people on the bank if I could land my kayak near them. Sure.

All I could say was "Wow"  Which made me swallow some water.

Cypress Spring   Did not know the name until I got hope and looked it up.  Did not want to look like a dummy and ask while I was there.

Culpepper Landing

 I'm going home. By helicopter.

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