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Cedar Key Sunset

Monday, May 30, 2016

Sugarloaf Lodge to Galdin Key Or, maybe Johnston Key

The key off the bow as I came out of the main channel. It would prove interesting.

 First, To the Bat Tower!

Launching from the Sugarloaf Lodge
 Magnificent frigate bird

 First roosting great frigate bird I have seen outside of the Cedar Keys

 More frigate birds.
 As I add these 9 months later, I had forgotten I saw them

Headed home. With one kayak on the roof.  Came down with two.

 I gave one to Monica.  Figured with 4 in the garage (plus one with a unpatchable leak)  I could spare it.  And have one at hand in case I ever fly down.

 Took Card Sound to avoid holiday traffic.  And told myself, next time I am taking Tuesday off.
As I finish this Tale on 2-23-17, my request for PTO, the day after Memorial Day, 2017, was approved earlier this week

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