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Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Sweetwater Day 6. Rain. Juniper Creek

Salt Springs Run from the overlook at the end of the Salt Springs Observation Trail.

A dreay, rainy morning.  I thought a drive to the Salt Springs Trail and a walk would be a good way to spend time.

Next stop, Salt Springs


 A new trail, for me.

I like dirt roads. Like them more at the end of 2016 with an AWD vehicle.

Back at the cabin, I thought, I had not posted an interior gallery

So, here it is.

Two bed rooms with 3 bunks on either side of the living area.

My sister, Monica, the one who won the lottery for the cabin, was going to join me.  But being the dutiful eldest child, she spent a lot of time at our Mom's, helping with clearing her condo.  Not to mention crewing her stepson's new schooner through the Panama Canal.  So, she did not make it.

 Into Sweetwater Spring

Magnolia between spring and cabin, flowering.

Finally! In a kayak.

Little Sweetwater Spring

Back on land, walking the cabin road.

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