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Monday, August 15, 2016

Day 2 at Little Spider Lake

Kayaking down the Wisconsin River with the Kaprelians.
 But first, a daybreak paddle on Little Spider Lake

Another tour of the grounds after landing.
And, a tour of the neighborhood

Driving along the Wisconsin River. On the way to meet Mark K and family
 Figuring out the route

Looks like I was using a rental kayak.

There were 4, Kap  Kayakers. Mark, his lovely wife, Shelly, their son, Reed, and Mark's sister-in-law who I am sorry to say I have forgotten her name.  And, Mark, correct me if she was not your sister-in-law but another relative/friend/neighbor.
Beaver lodge

Only missing a Schlitz sign

Buckets for weeds at the landing.

Back at the outfitter.

Exploring on the way back to Little Spider Lake

I now know not to ride on this dirt road in a rental car with a kayak on foam blocks.

 Kayak at the grocery store
Back at the A-Frame
 Pete, who had been visiting one of his friends, testing out another craft
I snacked
Not me. Above.
Me. below.

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