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Saturday, August 13, 2016

Little Spider Lake

In September, 2014, I spent a long Labor Day weekend on Blue Lake, near Minocqua and Lake Tomahawk.  I found out that, on Sunday, docks are removed from lake front cottages, summer visitors leave, as locals stand outside establishments on Highway 51, waving to the southbound traffic.   I decided I was going to come Up North for the entire Labor Day week.  Which I did, in 2015.  This year, however, I had a wedding to go to in September. So, I moved my Wisconsin Vacation to August.  Which may be the busiest time of year Up North.  So, I could not find a cottage on my favorite Lake, Lake Tomahawk.  Fortunately, there are over 1000 lakes in Oneida County.  I found a place on Little Spider Lake.  North of Woodruff, just off Highway 51.
An A-frame building, behind a supper club.  4 units on each point of the compass.  There may also have been a lower level unit.  Writing a year later, I forget.
One different thing about this year.  No stop at Mom's condo.  Arrived at Pete and Jackie's, Friday night.  Put Pete's kayak on the car, Saturday morning, and headed north.

Pete checks out the dented canoe.
 Me, the kayak.  I left Pete's kayak on the rental car for road trips.



 The grounds

 The inside

 Went to Boulder Junction for dinner.  Just missed a festival, and too early for the Walleye Classic.

 I had Dean's cheese steak.  Did not get a family discount.   "Dean" is my maternal grandmother's maiden name.  Also the name her eldest went by, and the given name to his son.

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