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Cedar Key Sunset

Friday, October 14, 2016

Crystal River

Launching from the public boat ramp adjacent to my hotel, 8:30 AM
Above and below, Hunters Spring Park.  Somehow posted out of order.

You have to paddle a fairly long way on a residential canal to get to the Crystal River from where I was staying.

Bridge at the canal/run to Three Sisters Springs

A spring

Renovations at Three Sisters Springs

A boardwalk was put in for people to watch manatees from shore.  Big boulders to stabilize the banks
Hand over the side, could not swim.

 Hunter Springs Park

Protecting newly planted aquatic vegetation
Hunters Spring Park had been closed for renovations. I landed to check it out

Did not like the new launch area.  It has, as I write this in April. 2018, been improved

Up periscope!

Back at the launch.

Took a short bike ride to a nearby State Preserve

Ceremonial Native Mounds

Next stop, the end of the road
I think I launched from the beach

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