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Sunday, October 9, 2016

Wacissa River

Stopped at the Wacissa River for a longer paddle than I had fleeing from Hurricane Matthew.  Which, fortunately for me and the rest of the interior of Central Florida, stayed off the  Atlantic coast.
 I was on the Wacissa at 11:30

Cassidy Spring

Wacissa Big Blue Spring

Big Blue Spring has two access points, You can paddle through, and end up a little ways down River

Getting crowded on the Wacissa



Chris said...

I actually joined you in spirit and went Kayaking on Sunday on creek leading in to the Bay, Sunday. Remarkably, I am pretty sure I saw a sea otter, and they are recently uncommon in the Bay, but hopefully returning.

Dave said...

Cool. I am guessing you mean San Francisco Bay, not Green, or Tampa. ;)