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Cedar Key Sunset

Monday, May 29, 2017

Cedar Key, Seahorse Key

Cormorants for scale to show the highest point on Florida's west coast.


Richard Bell said...

Dave, We are going to Cedar Key next week and have an interest in paddling to Seahorse Key. We have paddled from Tarpon Springs to Anclote Key a couple times,(3 miles)with no problem. Would your recommend this paddle for us?

Dave said...

Having just done the Anclote Key paddle once, I can't recall how it compares, but you should not have any problem. Of course, don't trust the forecast. Get out on the water and judge for yourself. If too rough, there are sheltered options in the interior of Way Key. If doing that, be aware of the tide. Major fluctuations, and oyster beds are not a paddler's friend

Richard Bell said...

Thank you,