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Sunday, September 19, 2010

Econlockhatchee River

Arms sore from paddling almost eight hours on the Weeki Wachee River Saturday, with the road bike still on the car, the Econlokhatchee River was the perfect destination for a car-bike shuttle and downstream only paddle, Sunday September 19, 2010. And, after seeing a juvenile bald eagle on the Weeki Wachee, maybe I'd see and adult on the Econ. I'll end the anticipation. No eagles today.

After dropping the yak at the Seminole County Road 419 Bridge, I drove to the Snowhill Road Bridge, left the car there, and biked back to 419. In the water at 10:30. Unlike the crowded Weeki Wachee on Saturday, I saw just 4 boats in a bit over 3 hours on the Econ. Two fishermen in a motor boat, a pair of kayak anglers, and a couple in a tandem kayak. Three alligators, all big, the first ow which just went in the River from the bank, here. Blue heron, gator, blue heron, great blue heron.

Other birds seen, but not pictured, belted kingfishers, pileated woodpeckers, cardinals, blue jays, and vultures.

A pleasant time on the water, windy, with a brief drizzle. I was able to catch the second half of the Packer game at an establishment on the way home. Double pleasure seeing the Vikings lose to the Dolphins.


Joanne said...

Did you notice it looked cleaner? Please say yes....
We did see at least two adult eagles on Thursday, maybe more; a pair perched together and several other sightings but it may have been the same ones. No activity at the nest.

Dave said...

Yes. Thank you, Joanne for picking up after those who don't.

Mike said...

Hey Dave! You mentioned bald eagles in your post. A little "north" of you... well maybe a whole lot north of you in North Carolina... I spotted my first bald eagle on Falls Lake! http://www.durhamblogger.com/2010/09/morning-paddle-at-falls-lake.html Really magnificent birds!

Buford Nature said...

Nice shot of a Peninsular Cooter.

Dave said...

Mike, I hope the bald eagle is the first of many.

Buford, thanks for the ID. I need to remember, yellow bottom, black dots = penisular cooter