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Thursday, October 21, 2010

Lakes Maitland, Nina, and Minnehaha

On the water from Fort Maitland Park just after 8:30 this morning, Thursday, October 21,  2010.

Female anhinga in the morning sun.

Wood ducks low, on a dock, high, on a boathouse on Lake Maitland.

Osprey and morehen in Lake Nina.
Lake Maitland-Minnehaha Canal.

Blackbird and another anhinga in the reeds of Lake Minnehaha.

More anhingas, and two greats. Blue heron and egret.  Spotted an otter just after the first egret.  Looking into the sun, the photo did not turn out.

Back in the canal

Where I saw a little ripple in the water.    Otter?   No, four otters



Along the breakwall

Checking me out

The otters re-entered the canal, and at the opening to Lake Nina, crossed into the greenery for cover.  I tried to outsmart them, continuing south in the canal to the other entrance to Lake Nina, then north on Lake Nina to catch them on the other side.  Did not see them again.  Thought I did, for a moment.  For shapes ahead of me, in the canal.

Wood ducks

 Back to Lake Maitland, heading for Howell Branch Creek.

That's how I check if my shirts are wearable

.Howell Branch Creek. 5 photos of the same bridge. 4 here, and the opener.  Back to Lake Maitland.

Tri colored heron

Had I been paying attention instead of daydreaming on a beautiful morning, I might have photoed two otters.

Instead, I got one, before it too, dove in. 

As usual, very few boats on a weekday morning.  A note for Joanne.  I did not see the bald eagle you saw a few weeks back.  An osprey was back at the osprey nest on the point off Fort Maitland. 

For all my readers, I'll be out of town Sat-Mon.  Staying here:
This is a mobile home/trailer on 5 acres of secluded land near Rum Island Park, about 10 minutes from Ginnie Springs for rent. Two bedrooms and two bathrooms with 2 showers, hardwood floors, central A/C & heat, large bathtub, with a full kitchen, gas grill and a washer/dryer. This place also features encrypted high speed wireless internet,  satellite television with a 32 inch color television, local and long distance telephone service. There is parking for two vehicles under a garage. This is located 3/10 of a mile from Rum Island Park where there is a nice spring for swimming, fishing and a boat launch all on the Santa Fe River.

You will know if I have figured out the "encrypted high speed wireless internet",  if you see a Tale Saturday.

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