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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Rock Springs Run

Kayaked Rock Springs Run today, Wednesday, October 13, 2010.  I know, you're saying "Dave, last week you wrote your mid-week paddle would be on Thursdays"    I did. But this is the week I work Saturday morning, so I worked half a day today.   Launched from Wekiwa Springs State Park at 2:00.

Pie billed grebe

Four guys who flunked basic reading landing as I launched.  I complimented them for picking up so many beer bottles. Sarcastically of course.  "We didn't know"  Right in front of the big sign at the launch that states "Alcoholic Beverages Also Prohibited"

Three more paddle craft in the River as I headed down the Wekiva to Rock Springs Run.

Lots of butterflies.  Got pics of these eastern swallowtails.

Encountered a few more paddlers on Rock Springs Run.   Then, I heard an engine. WTF??  An airboat.  "I thought those things were illegal"Florida Statute 369.309  "We're working, clearing the River"  We, as in a second airboat.  They went slowly, and after 10 minutes or so, I did not hear them.  I did see a couple fresh saw marks,

Eastern phoebe.  A lot of these migrants out and about.

Another two kayakers, then a solo yaker.  Pretty late in the day, I thought.  Of course, I'd be coming back down the Run later then them.

My turn around point, above, 4:26 pm. Almost an hour up Run of Big Buck.  Here's a squirrel that has been watching too many wading birds.

I had not yet seen any larger mammals.

This next pic shows how nature adapts. I've posted this on other RSR Tales, but the way the branches of this toppled maple shoot ramrod straight toward the sky fascinates me.

Fascinated by trees. Shows how dull my life is.

Just past Big Buck Camp, the first deer of the afternoon.  Munching on a lily pad as I came by.  It dropped its lunch, and wandered off, but not before I got a photo.
As has been the case for the last couple weeks, nothing but blue skies. Just hope that when it does rain, its not on the weekend.  Felt warm at 2:00 pm, I'd guess high 80's, but it cooled down considerably as the afternoon turned to evening.

You know that old trees just grow stronger.

And old rivers, grow wilder every day.
Who knew John Prine was singing about Rock Springs Run in Hello-in-there.  I need to buy the Prime Prine CD to replace the album I bought in the late '70's.
Into the first open section (as you come up Run), I saw a buck.   I should have got the pic.  I  heard crunching as I came down Run.  Has to be a deer feeding.  It was.   Guess I was to busy patting myself on the back for recognizing what a feeding deer sounds like,  missed the picture. Then, as usual this time of year, a doe.  Missed that one too.  Meanwhile, something big, unseen, splashed through the water. Probably another buck.  Finally, I was able to get a buck shot.

This buck was on the right bank as I came down stream, perfect position for a great pic, but a doe on the edge of the trees proved to be more interesting then I was, and it bounded across the emergent vegetation in carnal pursuit.  
I returned to the Wekiva River, sun through the trees reflecting on the water.
The usual cast of characters as I returned to the lagoon and landed at 6:50.

The hydrilla, is still there.  I was told last week it was going to be mechanically cleared. Not yet. 
If Octohawk is reading this, I figured out how the updated posting works.  It just took a while for an an old dog to learn a new trick.

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Another good read Dave.I just switched to the Beta version on my blog and it is working great. Nice to post multiple pics at once.