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Sunday, November 28, 2010

Curry Hammock State Park

A short, but diverse paddle Sunday, November 28, 2010 on the way home form Key West.  Curry Hammock State Park is at Mile Marker 56 on the Overseas Highway.  I was in the water at 9:30, paddling west, away from the Atlantic into a broad lagoon/lake.
 A residential canal is to the right/north, a mangrove stream to the south.
 I paddled under the new Park bridge, into the mangroves.

 Crab, one of many, scuttling up the prop roots.
The tunnel opens into another open area.

Out into the Atlantic where the pelicans in the first photo flew.

Nearby, cormorants and more pelicans roosted on Deer Key.

I paddled around Deer Key.

Back to the Ocean.

Back to the channel leading to the launch site.

Only other kayaker I saw.  Here's a tip.  A single in a 2 person kayak should sit in the middle.

I kayaked for just over an hour.  In small bays, a mangrove tunnel, around an island, and along the Atlantic shore.  Nice variety in 60 minutes.  The launch area from land
.A hawk on the drive out.

The rest of the 340 drive home wasn't too bad, considering the holiday.  Less traffic on Thanksgiving Sunday 2010, than on Memorial Day, 2010, and Labor Day, 2009.   I did take Card Sound, as the two lanes in Key Largo funneling into one for the "18 Mile Stretch", looked like it would create slow going.  In Palm Beach County, an overhead sign advised of an accident, 15 miles ahead, with a lane closure.  I figured it would be moved to the side.  Don't know if it was, as I did not see it.  In ten minutes or so, I hit the back up.  Exited the Turnpike, got on I-95, for a few miles, back to the Turnpike, past the delay.   I'm glad I wasn't driving south from Orlando.  Traffic backed up from the Three Lakes toll plaza to Osceola Parkway.

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