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Thursday, November 18, 2010

Lakes Maitland and Osecola

I was able to get a two hour paddle in this morning, Thursday, November 18, 2010.  The Venetian Canal, above, links the two lakes.

I launched from Fort Maitland Park at 8:30.  Decided to paddle south across Lake Maitland to the Venetian Canal and Lake Oseola, instead of my usual northern trip to Lake Minnehaha. I saw fish, but no attack fish.

Didn't notice the sign when I took the above photo.
These cypress mark the Maitland-Winter Park border.

To the south end of  Lake Maitland and Kraft Azalea Gardens

Into the canal.

Into Lake Osecola.
To the Albin Polasek Sculpture Gardens on the south shore.

The Fern Canal, leading to Lake Virginia is just east of the Polasek.  I would have had to paddle hard, like two kayakers I saw at the start of my paddle, out for a workout, to get to Lake Virginia and back in time to get to work in a timely fashion.  So, I headed back across Lake Osecola. And into the Venetian Canal.

 A lot of canal shots, but it sure is purdy.
Back to the city line.

One reason I usually paddle Lake Minnehaha these weekday mornings is it is one of the smaller lakes on the Winter Park chain.  Which means I can stay closer to shore, where the birds are.  I wasn't seeing a lot this morning.   Across Lake Maitland, several great egrets roosted on Dog Island.  To bad it was to far for a good photo.  But, to my delight, the egrets, and more, flew to my side of the Lake.

In five minutes I made up for the earlier bird dearth.

Other than the two kayakers, I saw two other boats.  One a City of Winter Park craft with a load of weeds.

Looking towards the canal to Lake Minnehaha

I landed at 10:35, a two hour paddle.   A nice day, other than a bleeping lazy bleeping guy fishing at the dock. To bleeping lazy to walk 40 frikkin yards.  No, this nimrod has to park in between several no parking signs, right where I load my kayak.  What a dick.  Where are the cops when you need them?

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