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Saturday, November 6, 2010

Rock Springs Run

I worked to 11:35 am, today, Saturday, November 6, 2010.  On the water at Wekiwa Springs State Park just after 12:30. Nice when the first photo of the day is the opener.  Truth be told, second photo, I deleted the first.

A cold front came through, the rain I avoided Thursday morning on Lake Maitland.  Mid day temps were in the low 60's. Windy. I wore a light jacket for the first time in months, and long pants.  Cool temps kept the crowds down. Except for northerners. As I was arriving, two guys in shorts were putting their kayak on the car. "What northern state are you guys from?" "Pennsylvania".  At the launch area, a group of New Yorkers.  

I don't think the sky can get any bluer.

Watched an otter dine.

Finished, it went down the Run, looked at me one last time, then disappeared underwater.

Another water creature. Brown water snake or water moccasin?  I always err on the side of caution.
So I did not get close to see it open it mouth.

I was past Big Buck, into a tree  canopied area of Rock Springs Run, and thought I had seen my last person.  I had seen three boats so far.  Now, a boy scout troop, 5 canoes, on the way down Run to camp at the Otter site.

I headed up Rock Springs Run for another 20 minutes, turning back at 3, with the view above.

I was hoping, no, expecting, to see deer. Only saw one, and was unable to get a photo.

Back to the Wekiva, where the second illegal motor boat of the day belched noxious fumes. At least the first one was electric.  These criminals are towing a Wekiva Island rental canoe. 

Ah, Wekiva Island. "conceived as an environmentally responsible oasis" or so states their website.  So why do they have a motorboat illegally on the River?   Why not send two guys in a canoe to pick up the canoe one of their beer swilling patrons abandoned on the River?  Alcohol is illegal on the Wekiva and Rock Springs Run.  Of course, I saw some yahoos in Wekiva Island kayaks with beers. Environmentally responsible, I don't think so.

I landed at 5:45.  Paused on the way up the hill for a flock of turkeys

Kayak secured on the car. I drove to Sand Lake.  No deer on the way, none in the open field, or on the trail around the lake.  Two on the way back, bucks, one two pointer on the left side, a six pointer that walked along the right side of the road, into an area with high grass and scattered trees, just before the campground road, nonchalantly strolling.  To dark for photos to turn out.


Octohawk said...

As much as I hate Wekiva Island (a lot), they do usually check coolers before allowing them on the river, and confiscate any alcohol. However, I've found this is more so you'll buy beer from them when you return rather than for any environmental reason.

All that said, I still disagree that alcohol on the river has to be an environmental issue. Some of us know how to be responsible, and a bottle is a bottle. I've seen plenty of water and gatorade bottles in the river.

Dave said...

The water and gatorade bottles were probably tipped by a tipsy paddler. :)

People don't bring six, or twelve, packs of water. There are more beer cans than water bottles littering the river.

I think it is aesthetic issue. To many people do not know how to be responsible, especially after a few beers.