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Cedar Key Sunset

Saturday, July 13, 2013

Cedar Key

Usual stop on the Wacasassa, and Wekiva, above, Rivers.   Saw a deer about half a mile from where the road ends at the Wacasassa Rver.
 On the water at 6:38 AM. Good thing I got an early start.  Rain on the drive to Cedar Key. After 3 plus hours on the water. Stopped at Robinson's Seafood.  Where the owner said he was not going out today.  Coming into town, I saw Tom Yakker, he has the rental operation at Ceder Key City Park, headed out of town with his trailer. Stopped raining when  I got into town.  Able to check in Very overcast, but I'll be going back out, shortly.

Enjoy the osprey, as it will be the last animal you will see for a while.
 At the split, I went up the Wekiva.

 7:51, time to turn back

Finally! More wildlife. Alligator on the Wacasassa.

 Wacasassa turn around, 9:25

Bleeping tree

Landed at 10:20

Gulf Hammock does not exist,s far as my GPS is concerned.
 I slowed down and pulled over to finally get a photo of the locomotive on Highway 19.  The caboose has been seen often in these Tales.  I rained, hard on Highway 24 as I headed to Cedar Key.  Stopped at Robinson's Seafood.  Was thinking grouper, but got snapper instead. Not caught by my great niece.
Oliva reels one in   Got clams and mullet dip,too.

Approaching Cedar Key

View from 324, 11:28 AM.   No 3-4 PM check in at Park Place. If the room is ready, you are welcome to it.

I stayed in this unit at Christmas.
 Not raining, but over cast.
The rain came.  Captions for the catamaran. "You aren't going out now?
 "I'm leaving"
"He's going out"  "He has to. Clams won't harvest themselves"
It eventually stopped raining.  On the water at 3:08
 Had by second best view ever of a sea turtle. First was at Long Key State Park.  Not good enough for a picture.
Spoonbills, on the other hand, don't just pop up for an instant.

On the oyster bar/wreck in the Number 2 Channel

Paler hues are taken with the water tight case on.  Can't use the super vivid setting.

 I think they were spinning their heads to swat no-see-ums.

 I though this would make a good picture.  I believe it did.

No dolphins off Cemetery Point

 Scale Key. Part of the Cedar Keys National Wildlife Refuge

 Always good to have a landmark
 Magnificent frigate bird

I was coming to the channel that leads to the Number Two Bridge when I saw dolphins.Did not get to the bridge for half an hour as I watched them.


 5. I counted 10.

Three channels meet here, has to be the reason for so many dolphins.  And, the reason I see them here so often  Eventually, I went on my way.

The oyster bar that had held roseate spoonbills was now under water.  I almost did not see if they were in the usual high water roost.

 Glad I did

At least 40 spoonbills.  On every mangrove in a cove.

Into the choppy Gulf of Mexico

 Landed about 6:30. Fixed dinner. Steak with yellow rice and clams and half an ear of corn. I left the usual potato at home
 8:10, biking through town.

Last photo, from the back balcony of my unit.

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Luis said...

What a tale!!!! Dolphin paradise this Cedar Key is.