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Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Blackwater Creek and Wekiva River

After a crowded early start to my last paddle of 2013, I went to someplace a little less crowded.   Exclusive, you may say.  Because you need to unlock a gate to get in.  The December 2013 combination was still in place as I opened the gate in the Seminole State Forest at 7:30.
 Paused at the East and West Spur.  A deer crossed the road.  Followed by another.
On Blackwater Creek at 7:53. Paddled down Creek

More slow drifting than paddling.

Entering the Wekiva River, 10:23 AM

Black crowned night heron 



Turned back at 11:05.  Considered going to the St. Johns River, but it was raining on and off, with more rain forecast in the afternoon.  Not to mention, there were bowl games to watch.

Belted kingfisher

Back to Blackwater Creek, 11:40.

 I saw this on the way down Creek, and made a note to stop on the way back up.  Unfortunately, the bank has a steep and deep drop off.  Which tells me this is motor boat trash.  I did not get out. Maybe someone who has a pole with a hook can snag this.
Otter. Also saw one on the way down Blackwater Creek
 Stopped about 12:15 for a sandwich

 Not an alligator to be seen on a cool, 60's rainy day.  On the other hand, no people either, until I landed at 10 after 2.  Paddle a place that requires a permit to open a locked gate, start early on a rainy New Year's Day, and you may not see anyone either.

Except Pam D. and Joanne B.

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