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Saturday, January 4, 2014

Blackwater Creek

Went to the Seminole State Forest after work today. As you recall, I worked half a day on New Year's Eve. If you do not recall, go back and see the 12-31-13 Tale. I'll be here when you get back.
 Sand Road to the launch site
Underway at 1:00.

Cool, long sleeves and pants, windbreaker in the hold.

A woodpecker tapped on my right.  I looked for it, but then heard movement on my left.
 One of two deer.

 Juvenile ibis
Juvenile blue heron
Wood stork

I heard something else in the trees.  I waited, peering in.  Paddled back, underbrush crunching under something big and noisy.  Bear? Hog?  Then, I heard a shriek.  Cat like.  Bobcat, probably, although at least one panther has passed through this area.  I got out of the kayak to see what I could see, but the noise stopped.  Was the shriek the end of mating?
 Paddled just past the high spot, turned back at 3:10.

Same birds I saw going down Creek

Eastern phoebe
 Live oak
 First one I've seen in my recent paddles on Blackwater Creek.  I was wondering where they were.
 Great blue heron with wood stork

Back to the bridge, and launch site, at 4:50.    Kept going, plenty of light left.

Overcast light.  I had put on my jacket on the way down Creek.  A high of 67 in nearby Sanford.   As my below 0 family and friends say I am Number 1... is that the correct finger?
 Turned around just after 5.
There is a deer in there, somewhere.

Landed at 5:20.  Had talked to the owner of the red canoe, Carl, when I launched.  He went up stream to fish.  A crowd of kayakers was getting ready for a night time paddle.  Down Blackwater, the Wekiva and the St. Johns to Highbanks Landing.  The leader of the group was the one who removed the tree that blocked the Creek two weeks ago.  I thanked him.

 The East Spur, where I saw deer Wednesday morning.  No deer today, just hunters. 3 guys with traffic safety vests and rifles.  Hmmm.... no hunt this weekend.  I just emailed the Forest.  Along with asking when my favorite campsite is available.  I never got an answer to  request I made two weeks ago.

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