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Cedar Key Sunset

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Lakes Maitland, Nina, and Minnehaha

Mostly Lake Maitland, this morning.
 Launch from Fort Maitland Park at 9:03

Dog Island.  No eagles this morning.

To the border guards

The Maitland-Winter Park border.

 Cormorants and anhingas

Far off, but from the white patch, I'm thinking buffleheads.

 Trash into art
If you want to call it that
Now this
 Is art.

I saw a gathering of great egrets as I paddled to the boundary cypress trees, but when I turned around, they were gone.

Lake Nina
 Got excited when I heard heavy equipment as I approached the former covered bridge.
Alas, only nearby sewer work

Brief stop on Lake Minnehaha

Landed at 10:40 am.  The MetLife blimp should have been 400 miles south.  To herald the arrival of
Cannon Duke Haskell.  Son of Camila and Evan.  Brother of Phineas.  Born at sunrise.

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