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Cedar Key Sunset

Saturday, March 15, 2014

Econlockhatchee River

Great. I finish this Tale, then it disappears.

So, pics only. 










I lied. Heard baby gators while taking this wildflower pic.
 Coming from this bramble. I did not get a closer look as mama slid into the water
Not this gator, which was another four minutes up River.

Turned back at 3






Empty nest





2 big pairs of gators. Got pics of 2.  One above, the other, below.




Landed at quarter to six

 I could be wrong but it did not look like other people on the River made any effort to pick up trash. I was wondering how I was going to transport what I picked up, other than on the floor of the car.  That was solved by picking up a plastic bag in the River.  Filled it with more trash at the launch site.


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