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Cedar Key Sunset

Saturday, May 24, 2014

Cedar Key Sunrise, and the Rest of the Day

Did you see the meteor shower early Saturday morning?  Neither did I. Although I did try.  Saw one, maybe.  Did not fall back to sleep, so I was ready for a 6:35 am sunrise
 Moon at 6:16 AM

Tide out, too shallow to paddle in the cove
My cottage is the only one with a screen porch. Drove to City Beach, less than a mile, and was on the Gulf at 6:36

Sun coming up behind Dog Island





 Black skimmers

 Now I know to stay closer to the shore of Way Key is I don't want Dog Island blocking the sun coming up over the horizon
Oyster catchers

Number 2 Channel wreck

 Rosette spoonbills


The spoonies were near the rail road trestle. I turned back to the Gulf

 Water fowl expert friends, what is this?
I know its a duck.  What kind? 

 Another unknown duck. Far away, so I won't ask what it is.  But will entertain answers
Empty nest

 Astena Otie Key
Landed at 8:10
 This is new. It has been in town since October. Says the Chamber of Commerce  I know, because I was there.  Cedar Key

 Stopped as Sandy's, figuring the best time to buy on a holiday weekend is early.  "I have never seen your car before, you are always on your bike" said Sandy.  I have $80 worth of stone crab, clams, grouper, three kinds of dip "7 each, 3 for 18 this weekend, and a pepper.

 Every cottage should have a canoe and a dock


Into the cove at 11:15. Shelly. muddy, launch

 I considered paddling to Cemetery Point and the Number 3 Bridge, but, as the tide was in, I decided to visit my high tide spoonbill spots
 Success in the first spot. But two flew away.  As did a black crowned night heron. I made note of their direction

The other side of the wreck. I asked two kayakers coming from the opposite direction if they were familiar with the area.  They said yes.  I said, then you must know about the oyster bar underneath you.
No spoonbills in the winding waterway leading from the wreck
They were on the other side





The area I was in is only accessible at high tide.  Unless you take the long way via the Number 3 Channel




Back to the twisty trail going back to the wreck


When the tide is in, there is a channel beginning across from the Old Fennimore Mill dock that goes to the Number 3 Channel. Paddled it for the first time.
 Then took the Gulf back to Number 2
And home



 Landed at 10 past 1. Stayed inside during the heat of the afternoon, back on the water, from City Park, at 5:30
 Paddled over to Astena Otie Key



Low tide meant expanded foraging territory for raccoons
 This one walked over a hundred yards on a submerged bar to  get to this one.  Only to run in terror as a good for nothing airboat blasted by.
Tide was very low.  The bars were out farther than I had ever seen them.

I was going to paddle around Grassy Key, below. 

 But, the shallows extended almost halfway to Seahorse Key.  I turned around.
Paddled around Astena Otie
 Empty nest.
I had to give it a wide berth as well. Probably doubled my expected paddling time.  And took very few pictures.

I was not planning on staying out until sunset, but as long as I wound up still on the water, I stayed.

Not an very good sun set location, this time of year

Landed at 8:23
 Dinner prep. Clams
 Florida stone crab to nosh as dinner cooked
Black grouper
Bon apetit!

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