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Cedar Key Sunset

Sunday, August 31, 2014

Lake Katherine and More

Brother Pete nicely brought his kayak. When he asked how we would get it down the hill to Blue Lake, I suggested  leaving it where it was.  Use it as road trip kayak ad use the ones that come with the cottage on Blue Lake.
 I was just out the gate when I had to stop for traffic on Blue Lake Pines Road
 Launched from the Lake Katherine boat ramp at 9:45. I owe whoever runs it a buck. Ha 2 singles. An twenties.

 Casa de Larry y Clarita.  Family stayed here a couple times.

Three eagles at the closest island to shore







 Entering the Lake Katherine Canal

Wide spot in the canal.  I call it, Lake Nina

 Lily pad blossoms like the real Lake Nina

 Lake Katherine Falls  The water is high in the canal.  So, I did not get out and pull the yak over into Lake Tomahawk


Staying with the Lake Nina theme, the bridge is not as scenic as it used to be
Above is how it was in 2011. Rocks worn smooth by the Wisconsin Glacier

Now, just another metal culvert

Fall is just around the corner in the North Woods

Back to Lake Katherine
 Another eagle
Rocks. Don't see smooth stones in Florida. The ice sheets did not get that far south.






U.S. 51




Land ho, back to Blue Lake 
View from the kitchen/livingroom/spare bedroom window
Pete reels one in.
Pete and Jackie

Sunfish at Camp Awak.  I need to check the spelling on that.
The day, which started out cool and foggy, got better. Or, worse if you don't like a lake full of boats
 Pete and Jackie

There is a large island in Blue Lake.
Blue Island Road Bridge 




Single loon

Great blue heron

Black squirrel. I do not think I have ever seen one.  Which means I need to visit Pete. He said they are all over his neighborhood.
 Landed at 6:30
Up the stairs

Deer on the way to dinner.
Theirs and ours.
Went to the Boat House in Minocqua.  For me, it will always be Bosacki's
 Thirty minute wait for a table so we sat outside
More like ten minutes

Classic old bar
 Brewer game on TV
 Lake Minocqua view

Stepped out to the widow tables for a better sunset view.

 Jackie said this looked like a dragon
The Florida in me says alligator 

Pork chop. Very thick. Too thick to cook. Sent it back twice.  Taken off the bill and we got free desert.  All three of us.
 The Wisconsin beer tour continued.  Had a Leinenkugel's Big Eddy, earlier .  Pete's Big Eddy is in the glass.  Big Eddy Spring is wear Leine's comes from.
Took an after dinner stroll

Milwaukee has the Polish Moon.  So, Minocqua has the Muskie Moon


All I need in a town
A fine day, and evening.