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Saturday, August 2, 2014

Blackwater Creek and Wekiva River

I saw seven bears today and all I got to show for it was this paw print.
 I had just entered the limited access portion of the Seminole State Forest. Locked the gate behind me.  There is a hunter's check station a short drive in.  Just past it, driving past a horse trail,  I saw two bears. Big and little.  I stopped, got out of the car. The bears were gone.  I walked up the trail.  Another cub ran across the trail.  Missed it.
Made up for it, a little, with this deer.  After I was back in the car. One of two.
 On Blackwater Creek at 8:15. Went down stream







 On the right, a bush, shaking,  From the weight of the bear on it.  It sense me, and ran away. Four bears!





A way through




Entering the Wekiva River. Via the alternate channel.  The main one was blocked my last visit. This is a high water short cut
 Wekiva River



I went down the Wekiva for 30 minutes. Hoping to see a manatee.  Have yet to see deer, bear, alligator and manatee the same day.  Had I gone farther, I may have had a better chance.  But, it was hot at 11:30, and the current on Blackwater was strong.   So, I turned around.

 Entering Blackwater Creek. Main entrance. The downed tree has been cleared. Not the other one that has been down for over a year now, forcing the detour through the open area with lots of emergent vegetation
 Cleared tree, above.

 Took a short break at the above spot.  Not as high and try as usual. 


 Marsh mallow, man





A bear ran into the thicket above. 
It had been on this bush

Seeking berries.  Which should be spelled bearies.  The bear was in the same area where I had seen one on way down Creek.  That one also jumped from a berry bush when it sensed me.
 A little bit up Creek, on the opposite side, leaves were moving. There was no wind.  Is that a raccoon? Wait, that's the cub's mama behind it.  Bears 6 and 7.

Seven bears, and not a single photo.
 They are in there, somewhere.
Peek a boo



Landed at 2:45.  Loaded the yak, went for a walk

A short one. Too hot.
 Deer moss

Rainy season pond
 A half hour walk
Driving the East Spur.  Not much more than a year ago, a new layer of crushed limestone was put down on the road.  Can't keep the grass down in Florida.  I was looking for bear number 8.  Had to settle for 7.

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