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Saturday, August 30, 2014

Blue Lake, Minocqua, Wisconsin

Staying at the Blue Lake Pines Resort this Labor Day weekend.  A two hour, ten minute flight delay yesterday meant I did not get on the water Friday.
 Underway at 7:53
Buoy at narrows between two sections of the Lake.
 Loon pair.





When right wingnuts rail against the EPA and environmental protection, I say, let me introduce you to the bald eagle.  I many summers vacationing in this area from the 1967 to 1985.  I saw one bald eagle.. In 2012, there were 140 nests in Oneida County.  143 in Vilas.

I did not see any eagle nests on Blue Lake

 Looking up  the hill through the pines to my lodging
 Blue Lake Pines Resort.  Docks and raft.

4 kayaks, one canoe, 4 rowboats for the 5 units at the resort.  Only one rowboat has a current sticker if you want to put a motor on it.
Landed at 8:30.

 Path to the Lodge
Path to the other dock
 Milk jug bailer


Rest stop half way up

Fire ring.  A big grill is on the other end


My cabin. It has an adjoining door, for a larger group.



 The River is west of where I am staying, the trail east.  I pulled over on the side of the road at the Trail.  A runner had stopped.  I asked him about parking. "Trail lot right there" I thought it was a private  drive. He told be Blue Lake is the second clearest lake in Wisconsin.  The first is in neighboring Vilas County. This .blog has Blue at 7.

Foot path to a road
 Where I saw three deer
Hoof print on the connector footpath

 I drove to the nearest restraint the GPS showed.  And, no restaurant.  So I drove until I saw one ad went inside.
 Two Women was on tap. Two women behind the bar.  My choice was made

Daily special. Pulled pork 
 Rye.  I thought that was something in old movies.  And, deer camps.
Brandy, of course
 Not bad

I was not told about the brat special.

 Back to the Resort
Which I think was camp at one time.  Half the old buildings have not been converted to rental cottages
Brother Pete and wife Jackie arrived





Two eagles  a couple hundred yards apart



Girls camp



Five loon flock


Lake Tomahawk. The town.

Famous Korner Drive In



Good to know
 Last stop, Hazelhurst Pub
Saw about 10 deer on the way home. Great day, other than the LSU comeback.


Joanne said...

Thanks for sharing, looks like a great place. Is it cold? People are wearing jackets!

Dave said...

Saturday's high in Rhinelander, 18 miles away was 68. Drizzly and overcast. Perfect. Kept people off the water.

Unknown said...

Looks wonderful - not sure about the game, my thought was: looked like a Bielama- coached game, coulda, shoulda won, but did not