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Cedar Key Sunset

Friday, July 3, 2015

Cedar Key, July 3

 On the water at 6:34 AM

 Moon still out

Sun rising



 Roseate spoonbills in the Number 2 Channel











 Cemetery Point





Needs to remove the motor

Landed at 8:19
 Inside the tent.
 Shade for Independence Day picnickers

Wrap around porch. End unit

Breakfast, back in the yak at 11:15
 Holiday traffic
 Atsena Otie Key

 Reddish egret


 Snake Key
Magnificent frigate bird



 Magnificent frigate birds at Snake Key
 Spoonbill and frigate birds. Hard to top that.







The frigate birds are recent visitors to Snake Key.  They mysteriously disappeared from Seahorse Key in the spring.  I first saw them at Snake Key in June.


Hello, ladies.




Tri colored herons have lined the channel that divides the key in two for as long as I have been visiting.










 Headed back to Cedar Key
Via Astena Otie

The coveted pelican with its beak vertical shot




 The red buoy is new


Landed at 3:15


Bike to Sandy's for some vittles



 Some selfish sob in the kayak loading spot. White shirt.
I loaded my kayak on the car and headed to the Airport Road put in
On the water at 7:23




 Not the best sunset, but always good to be on the water.



Landed at 8:58

I was able to get some practice for the 4th of July show from my balcony

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