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Saturday, July 25, 2015

Rock Springs Run

Early start, on the water at 6:43 AM at Wekiwa Springs State Park

Down the Wekiva River

Up Rock Springs Run





Turn around at 9:02








 Summertime Blooms


Saw the deer in the opening photo here look quickly



Turtles. Hard shell 

 and, soft.

Landed at 11.  Well before the afternoon heat and thunderstorms
As I write on September 17, I am guessing I had a sandwich halfway up he hill from the water to the parking lot.
One reason to get up early

 Crowds at the springs.
 I headed to the quiet side of the Park.



Banana spider.
 Joanne B. saw these overgrown trail shots when I posted them on FB the day of the walk and said to check for ticks.   I did not see any on my legs.  Or, maybe, there were hundreds of them.  On Monday, I had a widespread red rash on my left calf.  Mostly.  Took about 2 weeks to clear up.  Could have been quicker, but I am a scab picker.


45 minute walk
 Trash.  Two labels, same water. Just like from the tap, it all comes from the Floridian Aquifer.

Gopher tortoise from the car.

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