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Cedar Key Sunset

Friday, June 10, 2016

Back at ya Myakka

First alligator of the day. Just after 9 AM.  I see June 10 was a Friday.  Must have taken the day off.

 My plan was to paddle down river to Lower Myakka Lake.  But the current, augmented by summer rain, was very fast.  With more rain on the way.  I turned around.
 Waiting for the rain to let up under the State Road 72 bridge

 Still raining

Riding the storm out

 Back on the River

 Tiger swallowtail


 The cabin

Unlike my stay two weeks ago, where I lucked into a cabin 2 days before I arrived, (someone must have canceled) I booked this stay months in advance.

 At the concession to use the wifi

 At the little bay across from Turtle Beach

Summer rains leads to rainbows

 Cross a sand dune
 Gulf of Mexico

Another beautiful day.  Marred by evil.  Someone got into my car and emptied the cash from my wallet.  Small evil on a weekend that would have great evil.

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