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Cedar Key Sunset

Sunday, June 26, 2016

Cedar Key, Snake Key, and more

 Start of the last day walk

 They have modern fire trucks, too.

And, the Cedar Key P.D. has cruisers, as well as golf carts.
Continuing the government tour

Next few photos are close ups of the above structure
It began with theses cell phones

And has grown
As people place and nail found items to the frame.  Why? I have no idea.

When you are my age, comfort overcomes fashion. (Can't use the "t" word)
 Checked out and on the water at 10:30

Birds of Atsena Otie Key

Snake Key

Magnificent frigate birds

Seahorse Key

 Atsena Otie

 A brief break
 Back on the water

 Too hot to stay outdoors

 Not to mention....
 First time entering Rainbow Springs State Park from land

Trespassers.   Dumb ass parents setting a fine example.

 Snorkeling. No springs in the swim area.  A few are behind the buoy line.  Many more springs, down the Rainbow River.

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