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Sunday, June 5, 2016

Myakka Sunday

 Sunday morning bike ride

 I my 20's I had a mustache.  In my 50's I tried to grow a beard, and failed.  Did not shave during my week at the Sweetwater Springs cabin. That began on April 29.  Trimmed it down to a van dyke.  The jazz cat look for my trip to New Orleans.  This is as thick as it got.
 I shaved it all off
And got in the kayak

 Watching deer

 Watching me

I was not very interesting

Glossy ibis.

Dam at the Upper Lake

 Landed back at the Park Road bridge.  I think it rained, which is why there are fewer pictures than on the way up.

It did rain. Pics from the camera in the watertight case.

At the concession, before heading home.
 With a stop at the BrewPop Brewery in Auburndale.
 Had a groupon for two flights.  Did not finish it.  None of the 8 I tasted was good enough to fill a growler
The pizza was good.

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