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Cedar Key Sunset

Monday, September 26, 2016

Cedar Key and Rainbow River

Sunday afternoon on the Rainbow River.  Must have posted it after midnight, hence the Monday tag.
 Sunrise at Cedar Key City Park

Inspecting the damage caused by Hurricane Hermime
The building below as damaged in a fire a few years ago.  Since this photo, it has been torn down

Have to go over the side of the pier

Al McGuire

 High water mark. At the water utility

More water marks at the Eagles Club
 This section of dock should not be in a parking lot

 Checked out, on the Gulf at 11:25
Looks like I lost my hand towel
Hand T-shirt
 High tide in the Number 2 Channel

Bald eagle

Cemetery Point

Tide goes out quickly.  Just the prow of this wreck was out of the water earlier in the paddle

 2:15 landed

 4:15 ready to launch from KP Hole Park, Rainbow River

 A spring

Rainbow Springs State Park

For the above view, I must have been snorkeling.  Towing the kayak behind me.

For the gate on Indian Springs Run

Rain as I landed back at KP Hole.

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