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Cedar Key Sunset

Saturday, September 17, 2016

Silver River, Salt Springs, Juniper Creek

and, I snuck into Sweetwater.
 Down the canal from Ray's Wayside to the Silver River

The usual large numbers, and diversity, of avian life.  Sometimes, 3 in one frame.
Great blue heron, ibis, and moorhens.

Entering the Fort King Paddling Trail, Silver Springs State Park

Fort King. (replica)

Landed at Silver Springs State Park

Taking a walk on the new boardwalk

View from inside the Park restaurant

Beer and BBQ


Back on the water for the down River paddle

Camera over the side

Over another spring

Entering the canal to Rays Wayside

Back to Mill Dam Lake, then to Salt Springs

 Next stop, Juniper Creek

Sweetwater Spring. If I hear voices, I do not enter.

Little Sweetwater

 Juniper Wayside

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