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Thursday, October 7, 2010

Rock Springs Run

Thursday, October 7, 2010, I was able to get a three hour paddle in on Rock Springs Run before going to work. Thursday is now my late night, replacing Wednesday. How many of you were looking for my mid-week Tale this morning? That many. I paused on the way to the kayak launch for some jive turkeys.

Into the Wekiva River at 8:00.

The usual waders on the hydrilla in the lagoon. When I landed, the guy at the concession told me a machine is coming next week to take it out. Cool this morning, high fifties. Steam rising off the 72 degree water. I, of course, was in t-shirt and swim trunks. No pics on the way down the Wekiva to Rock Springs Run. I paddled faster than usual, wanted to go as far as I could in a short time. Arrived at Rock Springs Run, and began the upstream paddle. Not to far up Run from the sandbar, two bucks.

It can be hard to get a good photo paddling against a pretty good current in the dawn's early light. I saw a third buck, or maybe the one with the impressive antlers, a but further up the Run. No pics. This doe was more cooperative.

I turned around at 9:30, not quite reaching the Big Buck campsite.
Big Buck may be just beyond the bushes jutting out on the left. Down stream, I relaxed a bit. Payoff for the hard up Run paddle.

Approaching Indian Mound camp, below.

All the deer I saw on the way up Run were in the first open section. None in the second open section, from Indian Mound to Big Buck. Back in the first open section, I'm thinking I should be seeing more deer, and
Hello, big fella ! This could be the fifth deer of the day. Or the fourth, or the third. It was near where I saw the large buck on the way upstream. On the other hand, this summer, a couple times this summer I saw two bucks hanging together. At the time I commented that won't last into fall, as they compete for the affections of the ladies. In fall, seeing a buck means a doe is probably near by. One was, but ran away. Another did not.

This could be the same doe I got photos of on the way up the Run. So, I saw as many as seven deer, or as few as four.

I had Rock Springs Run and the Wekiva River to myself on a perfect Florida fall morning. Down here, people think temperatures in the 50's are "cold". Wimps. Better for me if it keeps folks off the water. And here's a secret. It doesn't stay in the 50's for long.
Improved lighting for the green herons in the lagoon.

I landed at 11, no activity at the launch site, other than this tri colored heron.

A couple did go out in a rental canoe as I put the wheels on for the trek uphill to my car. Two people in Wekiwa Spring.

Programing note. If your Sunday begins with your local paper, and a look at my Saturday Tale, you'll have to wait until Sunday night. I'm camping in the Seminole State Forest, Saturday. Water level is much lower than it was in April, so the campsite shouldn't be underwater like it was Easter weekend. http://davesyaktales.blogspot.com/2010/04/happy-easter-from-blackwater-creek.html

Final note. A reader suggested I try Blooger's updated settings to cut down on the spaces that sometime appear on my Tales. Tried it, and can't figure how to get just today's pics. It was downloading every photo from Picassa . So, for now, keep on scrolling.


Dark Knight said...

Guilty as charged!!! I was looking for your Wednesday tale.

Danny said...

I kept coming back last night checking for updates and refreshing my page. :) I was too looking for your wednesday tale.