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Cedar Key Sunset

Saturday, January 3, 2015

Cedar Key

I had planned my January work schedule to work a Saturday late in the month, and labor from 5 to 9 the prior Monday.  But, management asked me to work the first Saturday instead.  As it is always good to build a bank of goodwill, I said I would switch.  So, an extended weekend began on Saturday, January 3, 2015.
 On the Wacasassa River from the boat ramp at the end of  Levy County Road 326 at 7:25 AM

Up the Wacasassa

 Wacassasa left, Wekiva, right.
Up the Wekiva. 

 The orange trees are new.  I assume the wire is so deer and other animals can't get to the fruit as easily.
I think this boat is one that has been under water for a few years. Wonder if as storm flipped it over.

 Turn back spot 10:37

 Saw a deer, no picture

 Levy County is bit far north for oranges. On the other hand, the best orange I ever tasted was from a tree on Seahorse Key.





 Back at the confluence, I now went up the Wacasassa


 Tide was extremely low.  I do not think I have ever seen so much of the bridge pillars exposed

I was going to paddle further up River, but as this otter was going down, I followed it,




 Landed at 10:40
 Nothing but pickups in the parking lot.
With one exception.  The power boats all go down River, to the Gulf.
 Stopped at Robinson's Seafood on the way to Cedar Key. Had to look at a Facebook post to refresh my memory as to what I bought.  Grouper fillet, half a pound of shrimp, mullet dip, and gumbo.

 Arrived at Park Place.  My room, 330, not yet ready.  I asked if I could put the seafood in the office fridg.  Yes.  Wheeled the kayak across the street.  On the Gulf at 12:15
 Checking his crab traps
 Oyster catcher
 Young yellow crowned night heron eyes me as I paddle into the black crowned night heron rookery


 Adult yellow crowned night heron




Spider, below.

Same one I paddled under a week ago.
 Into the Number 3 Channel


Scale Key eagle nest



 High tide.  Below is a little boat in front of a pair of islands near the Number 3 Bridge.  At low tide, you see much more of it.









Landed at 3:50
 The car in the parking space next to mine at Park Place.  I went to the office to get my seafood. "We put it in your refrigerator"  How very nice.  One less thing to carry to the 3rd floor.
The view from the balcony of room 330.   A left turn at the top of the steps, instead of the right I had made over Christmas to room 331.

 I had asked what was in the gumbo.  A very long list. Clams, sausage, grouper, clams, beef, shrimp.....  I put in more shrimp.
Like all 3rd floor units, there is  loft bedroom.
 Took a stroll to Dock Street

 Entertainment at the Big Deck Raw Bar
 Pelicans on the Big Dock
I don't think these folks were prepared for the wind.  They did make it to shore.

I decided the bridge at the marina was a better vantage point.
 Not an original idea.  Other photographers were on the bridge, and I have used this vantage point before.
 To great advantage


Moon rise



Last picture of the day. 6:04 PM.  These short winter days are tough.

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