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Cedar Key Sunset

Monday, January 5, 2015

Cedar Key

Fogday. Foggy start to Sunday. View from the balcony at 7:30
Not on the water until just before 10. Must have choppy as no photos until I was in the Number 2 Channel





 Oyster catcher





I had to put away the camera that does not have a waterproof case as I entered the windy Gulf.
 Fortunately, I have backup. In a waterproof case.
 One person enjoyed the breeze.

Landed at 1:20
 Back on the water just after 3.  No pictures from the break,  so I must have just ate lunch and composed Yak Tales. 

Spoonbills, and more, at the Old Fenimore Mill channel side beach


Tide high enough to look for more spoonbills

My search was not in vain.











Landed at 4:50.  It was windy and raining
 Still, I went for a sunset walk. Always hopeful
Most people put the support bar in the back.

Sun did not break through.  Christmas lights had to substitute.


No sun, but still kinda purty

End of the day

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Luis said...

Another superb post from Cedar Key. Seriously, they should hire you as a Tourism Director. No one gives better publicity to Cedar Kay than you.