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Cedar Key Sunset

Sunday, January 10, 2016

Camping Weekend, Moccasin Spring site, Seminole State Forest

 I love locking the gate on Sand Road in the Seminole State Forest behind me.

 Blackwater Creek
                                                                                                        Blackened landscape    Prescribed burn.


Trail to campsite
 Moccasin Spring
 The campsite
Blackwater Creek
 Campsite fixed, time to head down Creek.
 Fixed is the opposite of break, right?

On the Wekiva River

An area on the right as you head down River was full of egrets
Until I met a dead end.

More than great egrets

Back on Blackwater Creek

Florida Trail campsite.

Moccasin Spring

Good night

 Good Sunday morning

Post breakfast. I think I had a flat on the bike.

Palm Spring run

 Palm Spring

Bike on the car. Yeah, I did have a flat tire

 Into the kayak

 Thank you

 Turn around point

Back to the camp site
 Cleaned up, packed up, ready to roll up the hill
 Last look at Moccasin Spring

Stopped at the Sharks Tooth Spring campsite-Florida Trail

 Always see bear poop here

When I posted these on FB 6 months ago, I was told they were not sharks teeth.

View from the Observation Blind

 I bet this is all green, now. June 6, 2016.

Bear Pond.  My annual winter camping weekend comes to an end.

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