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Saturday, January 2, 2016

Santa Fe River

 Ready to launch at Rum Springs Park

 Rum Spring

Santa Fe River
Run from Gilchrist Blue Spring

Gilchrist Blue is a private park.  $10 fee, so I have never snorkeled it.  But, I had read it was closed for 2 weeks over the holidays.  So, I paddled back down the run a bit.
Anchored the kayak, and swam back to the spring.

 Seeking shelter under the dive platform as it rained for a while

 Spring water meets river water

 Rapids ahead! Well, ripples over limestone

 One of the springs of the Ginnie Springs campground.

There  7,8,9 springs along the Ginnie Springs riverfront

Not a lot of  campers on a cool weekend

My underwater camera battery must have died  I did not snorkel after Blue, but there were lots of opportunities for hand in the water shots

I had turned around, and now was paddling up the Santa Fe
 Visiting the springs on the opposite bank from Ginnie, Devil, Dogwood, et al.

Lunch stop at Rum Island

Little Spring just upstream from Rum Spring

 A spring

 Another spring

A Yak Tales first.  Goats.

Poe Spring
 I landed

 Poe Run

 Mr. Watts was not on site at Lily Spring

 More springs

 Headed to Oleno State Park

 Just my second visit. First, this bridge was closed

Swift Santa Fe River

Dinner time.

 Can't go wrong at a place with kayaks in the logo and the rafters.

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