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Cedar Key Sunset

Saturday, January 23, 2016

Wacasasa, Wekiva, Manatee Springs, Cedar Key

First time I have seen manatees at their namesake spring. 
Began the day at the Levy County boat ramp on the Wacasassa River.

Up the Wacasassa.

 To the Wekiva, on the right.

 Checking me out.  " He's from Wisconsin, its cool"

 Must be where I turned back

On the Wacasassa

Landed at 12:25.  Decided to make a visit to Manatee Springs State Park.

 Hey! Manatees in Manatee Spring.  First I have seen, here. It was my first winter visit.

 Boardwalk along the spring run

Suwanee River

 Catfish Hotel

 A sink hole

 Robin. I rarely saw them in Florida. Until I began to kayak.

Deer from the Park Road

 Entering Cedar Key

As I post these pics on 6-25-16, I am in the unit next to this one, 323. In 322, will be in 324 over the Fourth.

Short winter day. No time left to kayak in Cedar Key

Sunset and moonrise from Dock Street was nice.

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