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Cedar Key Sunset

Sunday, January 3, 2016

Wacissa River

Blue Spring
I woke up on the first Sunday of 2016 to rain in High Springs, Florida.  And rain over most of the peninsula.  But, a better forecast in the Panhandle.  So, I headed to the Wacissa River, a location I had only been to once before.

Cassidy Spring 

Editor's note. I am not certain if the two above pics are from Cassidy, or the springs near the boat ramp.

 Big Blue Spring

 Big Blue has two runs

 Underwater pics did not turn out. Condensation on the camera.   It was fun to change out of my cold weather gear.  Windbreaker, long shirt, long nylon pants, into my swim suit on the floating raft.  Had it, and the spring, to myself.

 Must be another spring. Limestone and clear water

Back at Big Blue

 A couple in a motor boat left the can on m raft.
 I picked it up

 Snowy egret
 Juvenile blue heron

Fancy name for an outhouse
 2 out of 3 vehicles contain Packer fans

A long drive home.  Good thing the Pack had a night game

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