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Saturday, July 30, 2016

Gum Slough

Deer. Center of the photo.
 On the Withlacooche River at 6:35 AM

Turner's Fish Camp

 Shell mound at Potts Preserve
Entering Gum Slough

 Spring in the Slough

Saw the deer just past this science project.

 There is a 31 minute gap between the photo above and the one below. Has to me while I was snorkeling.  The springs were beautiful and full of fish, and my camera case leaked and the camera was full of water.

 Trying to get to Alligator Spring

Turned around and headed down Slough   43

 Floridian Aquifer coming to the surface

Not the same photo
Same view, maybe

A spring

A spring

Gum Slough is short, but varied. Mostly narrow, but some open sections

Other than the homes at the head springs, the only building on Gum Slough

 Back on the Withlacoochee

 Landed at 12:50.

Old Citrus County Courthouse, Inverness.

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