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Cedar Key Sunset

Sunday, April 19, 2015

Cedar Key

Sunrise at Mill Dam Lake. 6:53 AM

 Not my kayak
 10:39, on the way to Cedar Key. Marion County Road 336.
 12:15, on the balcony of room 331, Park Place

 On the water at 1:05


Very high tide. Only the spar of the wreck in the Number 2 Channel was visible.



Mermaids Landing 


 I had never seen anyone at this wreck, which is usually at a sharp angle to the water.  I asked if they had moved it, or if the extreme high tide made it look flat on the water.  The tide.

Water lapping the truck tires.

I have never seen the water this high in the Number 2 Channel
 Just the tip of the wreck's spar, visible.
 So, no trouble at all with oyster bars to see roseate spoonbills.

 The weather took a turn for the worse. Wind, lightning, thunder.  No rain. Yet.  I landed behind the mangroves at Old Fennimore Mill and walked back to Park Green

Inside before the rain. This was after it let up
Good thing I had stopped at Robinson's Seafood on the way into town. Bought clams, of course.  Fish too, I think. 

Back on the water at

Big Dock pillars

Turn arrow

No roosting cormorants, so I got this unique perspective of the Honeymoon Cottage.

All these water pics make me think.. Were there dolphins?


 Landed at 8:10
On the balcony at 8:38.

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