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Sunday, April 26, 2015

Alexander Springs and Creek

Arrived at the Alexander Springs Recreation Area in the Ocala National Forest just after 9 on Sunday.
 Went for a snorkel before the afternoon crowd arrived.


 Shell Mound
On Alexander Creek at 9:42


 Turned back earlier then planned.  Thunder.  Maybe a lightning flash.  Hard to recall everything a month later.




 Landed at 11:30. 
Wheeled the yak to the car, short walk on a concrete sidewalk.  Then sat down for lunch.
 Tasty Publix sub.  Had the other half Saturday. Either on,  or on the way to, the Wekiva.

 Timucuan Trail


A dad with his kids on one of the two overlooks pointed out the snake
 You can walk back on the boardwalk, or if more advenrerous, take the dirt trail
 With occasional walkways over low lying areas

Not mine


Return to the boardwalk.

 Someday, I'll be on a informative sign.  Ha!

 Detail. The gator hunter looks just like my boss
He showed it to his kids, who thought it was him, but the alligator was fake.
 Stopped at Dorr Lake
 Just to check it out.  East side of Highway 19.   There is a Forest Service cabin, like Sweetwater Spring, and a campground, on the Lake
 Walking path at Trout Lake Nature Preserve


 First time I've stopped at this Lake County facility I have passed a million times on the way to and from the Ocala National Forest.

It is nice.  Long portage to kayak, though.



Not one, but  two, museum buildings


Back home. HOA jerks complaining about my grassless lawn.  Guess they don' t like pine needles.  Got some mulch to keep them off my back.

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