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Cedar Key Sunset

Monday, April 20, 2015

Cedar Key

Dolphin sunset. Number 4 bridge.
Dawn from the balcony, 6:54 AM

 I went outside


 Seaweed on the dock from Saturday's very high, high tide

Back to Unit 331 for breakfast

On the water at 8:52



 Empty nest on Atsena Otie
 Or, the eagles were laying low.



 White pelicans
The wreck in the Number 2 Channel.  The previous day, just the tip of the spar was showing at high tide.  Go back to the prior Tale to see it.  Or not see it.


 Oyster catchers

 Belted kingfisher

Never stays around for long





 Scale Key. Tide too low to get closer

Number 3 Bridge
 These guys were stuck

 Nest building




 The other side of Scale Key

 Eagles were not home

Landed at 1:00.
Visiting grackle

Walk to get beer






Now, why was I on this stroll?
Oh yeah, beer.

I decided to take pictures of lamps



 Saw a hummingbird in the berries below my balcony

 Rough on the Gulf, so I went to the Number 4 Bridge for a late afternoon paddle








Darn dolphin took me on the wrong side of the bridge for sunset.

 Landed at 8:14
"Home" at 8:48
Dinner, an hour later.

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