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Monday, April 6, 2015

Hillsborough River

If this Tale had not taken place on Easter Sunday, I'd be cursing a blue streak.  Just lost the first 15 photos or so. Here we go again
 My friends were not up for a second day on the water.  So, after Mrs. Gaggioli fixed a fine Easter breakfast, I was off to Trout Creek Park on the Hillsbourgh River.
 Underway, at 10:10

Up River

 Vultures at Nature's Classroom
 Tri colored heron


 At first I thought the alligator caught a fish
No, fishing lure caught the gator
 Morris Bridge. Road, Park, and Bridge

 Old bridge pilings







Very few people on the River.  I was not seeing any of the red Canoe Escape rentals.  I asked some paddlers if the concession was closed. Yes.  I have kayaked the Hillsborough before on Easter.  A few year ago, 2-3 years in a row.  This was the first year the concession was closed.



John Sargeant Park. Turn around point. From the photos, look like I had my Publix sub on the water.





 Easter means new birth







Camera battery died.  One reason I carry two cameras


 Morris Road bridge




Landed at 5:40


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