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Saturday, April 4, 2015

Lakes Virginia, Osceola, and Mizell

With the days getting longer, I can kayak after work.  But, I will not launch on a Friday, from Dinky Dock, again.  Weekly fishing tournament.  Packed lot.  Got a space, and with a kayak, I did not have to wait my turn at the boat ramp.
 Launched from the beach at 6:03 PM
 Headed to the canal as I figured there would be less activity in Lake Osceola than Lake Virginia

 Capen House. It was moved, by barge, to the grounds of the Albin Polasek Museum to save it from the wrecking ball.
Lake Osceola

Stations of the Cross on Good Friday

A couple was on the Lake. He in kayak, she on paddleboard.  She,  "I can't paddle this thing. It's slow, and won't turn"  Me: "I'm no expert, but I think the upturned end should be in front"   It made a world of difference. She thanked me.


 Taking no chances on salvation
 Back to Lake Virginia

Into Lake Mizell

 Great blue herons nesting

 Lots of air traffic.   All airlines promise a 7 PM arrival time at Orlando International for Easter weekend

 Sunset, and full moon.  Not a bad little paddle.

Landed at 7:45

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