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Cedar Key Sunset

Sunday, April 12, 2015

Ponce Inet

On the beach for sunrise



Ate breakfast, checked out, and made a mid June reservation. I will be in the 2nd floor, beach front unit of the Sea Deck. Only $80 a night.  Drove south on A1A, through Daytona Beach, to Ponce Inlet.  Took a while to figure out parking.

 Snowy egret



Another dolphin

Following dolphins



One day, as needed


The lighthouse is the Ponce Inlet Lighthouse

 The area near the Inlet is busy with boats coming and going to the Ocean.  These mangroves offer seclusion.


 Landed just before 1.
 The second of Saturday's Publix sub.


Can't climb on an empty stomach

Posted this unreadable sign about a lighthouse keeper who had a heart attack on the steps, and was carried down by his partner, for reasons that will be apparent later in the Tale.

 On the way up, a heavy set man was coming down.  Bigger than me.  I thought of making a comment about one of us not ending up like the dead keeper.  I did not. He was sweating profusely.
 Views from the top.

 Ponce Inlet
It might be a good idea to climb the tower first, get a mental chart, then kayak.

 Having a kayak means always being able to find the car.
 A siren wailed.  Hope they aren't coming here, I thought.

The way down

 Looking up.

Walked outside.  An ambulance was idling.  On a gurney, the man I saw on the way up.  Conscious, no oxygen mask. Looked embarrassed more than anything else.
 The lighthouse station grounds has many of the original support and residential buildings.


Lens display

The most important thing  I learned, the "s" in Fresnel, is silent.

 Fresnel is the standard lens.



On the way to Ponce Inlet, I noticed a place called the North Turn. Stopped on the way out.

It is the spot where auto racers would turn off the beach, and on to A1A

The vintage photos are interesting when compared to today's view.

More to come


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