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Saturday, April 25, 2015

Wekiva and Little Wekiva

Both are in this photo.  Coming out of the Little Wekiva River.
Launched from Wilson's Landing. A Seminole County Park on the east side of the Wekiva River.  Just south of Highway 46. Closer to the Little Wekiva than Katie's Landing.  Free. Underway at 1:03. Worked in the morning.


 This wide section of the Wekiva was reduced to a narrow channel by aquatic vegetation.





 Fish going down the hatch


I had been to the Little Wekiva once, maybe twice before.  I know if I get to the Buffalo Tram campsite on the Wekiva, I went to far.  A couple false entrances, but I found it. Without back tracking.







 I saw one boat on the Little Wekiva.  Motor boat. With a long handle attached to the throttle, so the operator can stand. It was shortly after I entered.


 Back on the Wekiva, headed up River



 This couple was also on the Little Wekiva.  Said they went as far as a low bridge in a neighborhood, before turning back. Farther than I paddled.

Tried to find the Twin Mounds site
Off the main channel, so not easy to find.

 It had been several years since I was last at this ancient site







 Landed at 7:12
There is a sharp drop off at the edge of the ramp.  Push yourself up on the carpet as far as possible
 Walkway appears to be made of permeable material.  So water soaks in, and does not run off into the Wekiva.

 Wonder what the hawk thought of a guy flying a drone.
Gifts from the River. Including a bucket to carry it in.  The Old Wisconsin Sausage was mine.

 I like how the water from the bubbler runs down into the soil



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