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Sunday, November 8, 2015

Blue Spring, Snake Creek Loop

Into the Spring Run
 Would there be any manatees this last weekend before the Run closes for the season?

The vent of Blue Spring



 No manatees
Time to paddle


Had over the side in Blue Springs Run





 St Johns River


 Snake Creek








 Hontoon Dead River


 Look for the great blue heron nest

 Canal to the St. Johns River



 Back on the St Johns



 Landed.  As there are no boardwalk pics, I must have headed home.  Packers probably had the late game.
Beer from Two Henrys. Nice head from the growler, a day after I bought it.

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Luis said...

This is probably one the most relaxing paddling routes. Usually Snake Creek is not crowded and the scenery is terrific. Nice one Master Dave. You captured it perfectly.