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Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Blackwater Creek

Today, July 9, 2008 I got a short paddle in on Blackwater Creek after work. May as well get full value from my Seminole State Forest permit, which expired today. Three visits during the six days the free permit was valid. I left work at 5:30, came home to get the kayak and a sandwich, and was in the Creek at 6:55. I doubt I would have arrived much earlier if I had the yak on the car all day at work, due to rush hour traffic patterns.

I saw a couple Florida scrub jays as I drove to the launch. At the launch, just as on the 4th, and 6th, an alligator greeted me. This time, it had a friend. I did not get any critter photos this short paddle. In addition to the two gators, I saw a great egret, great blue heron., blue heron, limpkins, and turkey. And four more alligators. Or maybe three, perhaps the one I saw as we both headed upstream was one I saw on the way down. Other than the two I saw a the start, which languidly floated on the surface, until I got in the Creek, the others burst into the water on my approach. This is the view from the launch site.

Don't look for the alligators, this was taken after I landed, about 8:30.

I do not recall seeing an alligator swim as fast, or with as big a wake, as the one that I saw going upstream. It was a big'un, looked about 2 feet across as it churned the Creek for what seemed several minutes. In real time, it was probably no more than a minute before it went under, and more than likely, I paddled over it.

On the 4th, I saw 10 people in the Forest, Sunday, 6, tonight, 3. I think I may do this after work thing a few more times this summer. Not necessarily at Blackwater Creek. Stay tuned.

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